Posts from January 2016

Are you ‘Singing the Blues’?

“Songs, hymns & spiritual songs are a gift from God, which irritate the devil, but calm the saint.  Music is the perfect way for you to express your love and devotion to God.”  Music is also a perfect way to express your sorrows and your troubles. Read Psalm 77 and see how the psalmist moves […]

It was the best of times.

“Neither sorrow nor joy should be absent from the Christian life as long as we live on this side of Christ’s triumphant return.” In His Steps, a ten-cent compilation of his Sunday night sermons and published in 1896 by a Congregational pastor, Charles Monroe Shelton’s book has sold more than 30 million copies.  I was […]

Read through the Bible in 2016

Discovered Professor Horner’s Bible-Reading System last year and love it! It can be a little daunting, but well worth the time you invest in it. You can find it in Bible apps so keeping track of your reading is easy. Join the Adventure! Or perhaps you’d accept the challenge to read through the New Testament […]