Posts from April 2016

It’s a roller coaster ride!

Ever had one of those weeks?  I know you have.  Emotionally they can be draining.  I remember standing in line to ride a roller coaster at Cedar Point.  Stood in line for 45 minutes – hearing all the squeals of delight coming from the ride before us and others around us.  The anticipation grew each […]

Songs of the Human Heart

Music can stir your emotions or give you peace of mind.  It can wake you up to your day and psych you up for a game.  It can solidify your resolve or lower your inhibitions.  The ‘right’ song can push you toward violence, immorality, fashion, even the words you speak.  Music can tell you when […]

A demon in every board?

Have you ever ‘played’ with the Ouija board?  I remember the last time I did – as if it were yesterday, though it was closer to fifty years ago.  My friends and I were in our family’s garage asking it questions, when one of us got the idea to ask ‘It’ to speak through one […]

He never sleeps.

Shortly after Christ saved me I was introduced to the music of Bill Pierce.  The mellow tone of his trombone and the gentle voice of this dear man helped me through many sleepless nights.  It was in his radio program originally called ‘Nightwatch’ and later ‘Nightsounds’, I found comfort and solace during the early struggles […]