Thursday’s Thoughts (Page 3)

The Prince of Peace is coming!

When I was a young child (about 6 years old), our neighbors added a new driveway and garage.  For quite a while there was a long pile of dirt dug out from the length of the driveway.  Talk about a dream come true.  I moved my construction site from the tractor tire sandbox to my […]

In God I have put my trust!

Many of you were not alive during WW II.  Perhaps you weren’t around during the Korean or Vietnam Wars either.  Then there was the civil unrest of the 60’s.  So, the fear and tensions we are experiencing now can be new and overwhelming. I remember well the years of Vietnam.  My two older brothers were […]

Five and a half centuries old!

Not me!!  But, last week, in my hands along with several dozen others is the Torah, aka the Law, the Five Books of Moses, the Pentateuch.  It is about 80 feet long.  It is copied on to sixty lamb skins.  A project that would have been meticulously worked on for about three years – at […]

I’m so busy!

Tuesday Debbie and I traveled to Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio.  There are several stops we just HAVE to make – every time we go!  First stop is Hershberger’s near Charm.  They have the best Long John donuts – fresh, perfectly cooked, completely filled with Boston crème and chocolate icing on top.  (For those […]

America needs another Great Awakening!

In American history there have been several periods of time known as the Great Awakening.  Each was characterized by widespread revivals led by evangelical ministers.  There was a sharp increase of interest in religion, a profound sense of conviction and redemption on the part of those affected, an increase in evangelical church membership and the […]

I am praying for you!

This past Tuesday, we learned that one of our missionaries, Olive Brittain, 90, went to be with her Lord on May 29th.  Our church had the privilege of supporting Miss Brittain for 50 years.  She began her ministry in India in 1954 and ‘retired’ in 1991 and later that year I met her.  I was […]


Statistically most derailments are freight trains, not passenger trains.  Weather is often the factor – extremes of cold or heat, which of course there is no controlling.  Two factors that can be controlled are operator fatigue and rail maintenance.  But regardless of the reasons for it, the following is true:  derailments happen, damage is done, […]

No greater joy!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 4 I have pondered this statement by the Apostle John many times.  I also concluded that the antithesis is just as true. “I have no greater sorrow than to hear that my children are NOT walking in the truth.”  […]

I’m tired of sin!

Aren’t you exhausted?  Sun up to sun down, it’s a battle with sin – mine, yours, my neighbor’s, the world in which I live.  Sleep use to seem like a waste of time, when I had so much to do.  Finally I came to the conclusion that for seven hours a day, I’m not sinning […]

Give Mom a call.  Do it now!

I’ll never forget the day I was in someone’s home and a knock came at the door.  The man of the house answered it and discovered a police officer.  He identified himself and asked the whereabouts of the man’s son.  He wanted to question him.  The dad hadn’t seen or heard from him in months.  […]