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I love school!!

I love school.  I get excited looking at school supplies at Walmart.  Thoughts of freshly sharpened pencils, the ‘aroma’ of new textbooks and finding a Hostess Snowball in my hand-me-down Gene Autry lunch box, get’s me pumped! How about you?

Too many times I hear children and teens lamenting that school is about to start.  And then parents who are happy, not because their children are going to get to learn, but (they wouldn’t put it this way) somebody else can watch their kids for them.  I have even heard this during newscasts.  What are we teaching our children?  ‘You are going to endure the next 180 days, so I can get a break from watching you.’  How sad!

I have wondered where I got my love for school.  Was it from Mrs. Summer (love that name) my first grade teacher?  Or was it Miss Abbott, my third grade teacher?  She loved us kids and was also ‘a hugger’ (OK back then) and she was big and strong enough to play right tackle on the Green Bay Packers!  Then there was Mrs. Richardson, my sixth grade teacher.  By the time I was through her class, I was hooked on education.  But perhaps most importantly was my mother.  She loved school and she instilled it in me.

Life changed dramatically for us when Mom was in her middle 30s and had to go back to school to provide for us… and she did it!  My guess has been she never used the child support received from my father, but saved it.  When we went to college there was enough for me and my brothers to pay for our first two years.  Her name is Lois and I am forever grateful she instilled in me my love for learning.

I have been taking classes for the last 35 years, too. I’m hooked on education.  What a gift from God – men and women who are dedicated, committed and gifted to teach kindergarteners through adults.  I’m related to three of them, Debbie home schooled our sons for 20 years and our youngest, Mike and his wife, Regen, teach 5th graders.  In fact, all four of our sons have mastered their jobs through diligent study and my guess is they would point to Mom as the one who instilled their ability and love for learning.

Moms, what a precious gift you can give your children… the love for learning.  It begins when you introduce them to other members of the family, continues when you introduce different foods, how to carefully touch the family pet, bedtime adventures through reading and to God as you kneel beside them, praying as they fall asleep, (Dads can do all this, too, by the way).

“I thank God… When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.”  2 Timothy 1:3-5.

Think about it.