I’m so busy!

Tuesday Debbie and I traveled to Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio.  There are several stops we just HAVE to make – every time we go!  First stop is Hershberger’s near Charm.  They have the best Long John donuts – fresh, perfectly cooked, completely filled with Boston crème and chocolate icing on top.  (For those in southern Indiana – it’s an éclair!)  It is the best 500 calories you’ll ever beat yourself up for eating!

After that we wander through a cheese shop, a couple of thrift or antique stores and then back to Charm and Keim Lumber – a mix of Lowes and a high dollar department store.  By that time we’re ready to head home, but not in a hurry.  We find a county road and if we get a little lost, it’s OK.  I know if I keep traveling west, I’ll eventually run into SR 83.  We probably ought to have one of those ‘slow moving vehicle’ signs we can slap on to the trunk lid of ‘Frank’, because we take our time and move over when another vehicle’s coming. (BTW, ‘Frank’ is my car.  It’s a Sonata.)

One of things we’ve noticed over the years in these trips, the Amish are never in a hurry.  I’ve never seen a buggy that didn’t need a ‘SMV’ sign or a farmer whipping his horses to harvest the hay.  All the ones I’ve seen on bikes seem to be out for a Sunday drive.  And yet they somehow survive in the 21st Century.  Don’t they realize there is a race to be run and the fastest rat is going to be crowned?

Please understand I’m not ready to give up the air conditioner and furnace in our home.  I’m sure I’d look bad in a broad brimmed hat and a beard.  I like driving around in ‘Frank’ and getting home in less than an hour and a half.  But isn’t there a way we could slow things down a bit?  Do we always have to be in such a hurry?

Can you imagine Jesus pulling up his sleeve and saying, “Well, look at the time!  I’m sorry, but I have to go.  I’m SO busy today.  Bye…”  I can’t either.  If there was ever someone who knew the time was short, the clock was ticking, there’s a race to be run, it was Him.  But He was never in a hurry.  He had time to take a different route to reach a woman others would never talk to.  He had time to have supper with a man who was despised by the community.   Even while death was imminent, He had time to talk to condemned criminal.

Years ago I ran across this thought and it comes to me often.  ‘I always have time to do the will of God.’  Am I too busy to play with a child?  Am I too busy to call on a sick friend?  Am I too busy to share a quiet moment with my wife?  Am I too busy to read the Bible and pray and go to church?  Then maybe I’ve filled up my life with activities that are not congruent with the will of God!  Maybe you have, too!

Think about it.