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Songs of the Human Heart

Music can stir your emotions or give you peace of mind.  It can wake you up to your day and psych you up for a game.  It can solidify your resolve or lower your inhibitions.  The ‘right’ song can push you toward violence, immorality, fashion, even the words you speak.  Music can tell you when the hero in a movie is in trouble or in love.  There are songs that will get you quickly in and out of a fast food restaurant or move you to linger in an expensive one so you’ll spend more time… and money.

Music in the church has also been incredibly influential – the songs of Martin Luther influenced the church to stand for truth, the music of Charles Wesley and Ira Sankey prepared the hearts of men for the Gospel.  There are hymns that draw us into the sanctuary of God to worship and others that send us out to serve.  Of all the books there are beside your Bible, no doubt the hymnbook is one of the most cherished.

It is little wonder that the book of Psalms is so greatly loved by believers in every age.  For in our experiences of life, we desire to pray for deliverance and praise the Lord for victory.  And in the center of your Bible you will find a psalm that is perfectly suited for every occasion.

The very first psalm begins with God blessing man.  When you arrive at the last five, you will discover the ‘Grand Finale’ with man blessing God.  Each of them begins and ends with a ‘hallelujah’, i.e. praise ye the LORD.  Hallelujah to the God of Jacob.  Hallelujah for His power and care.  Praise from all of creation, men, women, boys and girls to God is the right thing to do for He is a God of justice, mercy and redemption.

To praise Him with our voices and with every extension of our voice through instruments is to communicate to this God Who loves and cares us that we love and honor Him.  David, the shepherd boy turned king, knew how to do both.  Half of the psalms are attributed to him and when he became king he raised an orchestra of 4000 woodwinds, strings and percussion.  What an amazing tribute to the God of heaven and earth.

Like the triune God and your triune heart, music has three elements: melody, harmony and rhythm.  Using those elements with the variations of our basic seven note scale, you can have a limitless variety of sounds.  Now add to those variations an ever growing vocabulary and you have an infinite number of songs making their way out of the human heart.  However, as you make your way through The Book of Psalms, you will find that God has provided just the words you’ll need to satisfy the longing of your soul whether in sorrow and pain or joy and triumph.

Think about it.