The Prince of Peace is coming!

When I was a young child (about 6 years old), our neighbors added a new driveway and garage.  For quite a while there was a long pile of dirt dug out from the length of the driveway.  Talk about a dream come true.  I moved my construction site from the tractor tire sandbox to my version of Interstate 80, which was being built just a mile and half north of us.

On those ‘huge’ hills of dirt, broken concrete and sand, I played for hours and hours.  It was there I spent my summer days working with my childhood friends, Gary and Nancy: moving earth, dreaming and playing with delight!  Every young boy (and girl!) needs a pile of dirt, Tonka trucks, friends and dreams.

In Isaiah 11, I read a startling description of a day that is coming.  And ‘in that day’, ‘the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp…’  A child yet to be weaned from his mother is going to play with delight on the hole of the asp!  An asp is defined as a poisonous adder, a venomous snake.  In our world where we protect our kids from every conceivable and imaginable injury and pain in bubble wrap, this is a disturbing scene.  But, nevertheless, the day is coming, when the Prince of Peace will come and wipe away every evidence of the curse upon the ground.

Currently we live in a world where fears and dangers lurk around every corner.  We live in a world where the common citizen and law officer alike are targets.  We live in a world where men and women make promises of change, but will never be able to turn back the tsunami of evil that was unleashed by that first serpent in a perfect world.  But, ‘in that day’ when the Prince of Peace comes, He will set up His Kingdom that will never end.  He will change the nature of beasts and the relationship between them and man.  He will make it possible for ‘the sucking child to play with delight upon the hole of an asp.’

In the meantime, my friend, the Prince of Peace can fill your heart and mind with peace, if you will only come to Him.  “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee… I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” Psalm 56:3-4.

Think about it.